nice to meet you.

nice to meet you.


nice to meet you.

nice to meet you.

You can call me Greg.

I think humans are amazing. 
When we work together, in effective teams towards the same goal, incredible things can happen.
I feel good when I see something in another person that they don’t see in themselves,
and I’m able to tell them about it; it’s even better if I can help them figure out a way to attain that.
I want to spend money and time on cool side projects, making the world a better place, rather than buying excess luxury items for myself.

I am easy to work with, but I need people to listen to me. My main goal is to solve real problems through design
with simple and beautiful solutions, while always learning something new in the way.
I live for challenges.

I have worked with Art Direction and Design for 8 years, along with many photographers, designers, developers, illustrators and copywriters,
and halfway through that I went to Hyper Island in Stockholm to challenge myself and my work. It worked really well.

I am now a multi-disciplinary creative with a strong strategic sense, able to work effectively within groups in tech labs, 
motion graphics, mobile & web design, UX design & prototyping, branding, concept and developers.
I'm always pursuing a deeper understanding in all those areas, while always keeping my passion for what
is beautiful, simple and effective.

I speak fluent portuguese & english and intermediate swedish, italian & spanish. 



• MIT - Education Service DesignShop Certified [ 2014 ]
• Hyper Island Stockholm - Interactive Art Direction [ 2013 ]
• UFPR - BA in Social Communications - Advertising [ 2007-2012 ]
• Lemon School of Creativity - Creative Planning [ 2010 ]
• Lemon School of Creativity - Art Direction and Copywriting [ 2008 ]
• UTP - BA in Psychology [ Incomplete 2005-2007 ]

Places I have worked:

• Oakwood Creative AB Stockholm - Senior UI/UX Designer [ 2016-2017 ]
• Amagumo Games AB Stockholm - Design Director [ 2015 ]
Kids Hack Day - Design Director [ 2014 - present ]
• Society46 Stockholm - Senior Interaction Designer [ 2013 ]
• Society46 Stockholm - Creative Technology Intern [ 2013 ]
• HEADS - Art Director [ 2011-2012 ]
• OpusMultipla - Junior Art Director  [ 2009-2011 ]
• JWT Curitiba / RMGConnect - Art Director Intern [ 2009 ]
• I've also freelanced in several agencies, so I'm used to adapt to [ almost ] every kind of work environment.

Other agencies I’ve collaborated with, thanks to Hyper Island:
• IDEO - New York
• North Kingdom - Stockholm
• Doberman® - Stockholm
• Åkestam-Holst - Stockholm
• Forsman & Bodenfors - Stockholm
• Snook - Glasgow

Some other stuff I did / do:
• Kids Hack Day Brasil Lead Instigator - The guy that manages a team that teach kids how to program and build robots
• Innovation Workshops - The guy that hosts Innovation and Idea Generation Workshops based on Hyper Island, MIT and his own methods
• Voluntary work - The guy that tells stories in hospitals and retirement homes
• Law Firm Intern - The guy that carried papers around in a suit
• Psychology Intern - The guy that observed and took notes
• DVD rental store - The guy that suggested movies
• Singer/Songwriter - I write songs to relieve stress, it also helps me with sound editing skills. Here's my soundcloud