What makes SOS Barnbyar stand out from other NGO's is that they provide a real home with a mother to help orphaned children to recover from big emotional traumas such as war and domestic violence.

We needed to attract and engage young swedish people into donation and let them know about SOS Barnbyar's mission. After research and interviews in Stockholm, we started our process to get insights.

After turning those insights into ideas, we developed different kinds of early prototypes and went for a testing round in Stockholm.
 Then we refined, redefined, changed everything, and came up with a concept.

Every child around the globe have fears and nightmares, and they feel safe from these fears when they have their parents around. But what about the children that don't have their parents to support them?

Keeping this in mind, we asked children from SOS Barnbyar's Village to draw their fears in the shape of monsters. 
These monsters were then interpreted and redesigned by swedish illustrator Kristofer Ström, and were ready to be captured by the swedish youth.

To engage and create even more awareness, we placed monster's shadows all around Stockholm's city. 

In the shadows, there were signs asking you to interact with them through your smartphone. 

When you did it, the shadow disappeared from the wall and got sucked into your phone.

After that, you could fight this monster in many different ways, and finally capture it.
To keep the child's fear captured, you were able to support and help SOS Barnbyar's to provide a mother to these children.

As a symbol of your donation, you got a crafted clay figure of the fear you captured 
to keep it at your home or at your work, but most importantly: to keep them away from the children.

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