Taking a closer look at Electrolux's online presence, we discovered that they had tried many different ways of reaching their target online. 
The great variety of websites and social channels had different tones of voice, making their online presence inconsistent. 
So how could we make it more appealing and consistent to online costumers and to Electrolux?

We found the solution inside Electrolux's core values:
Drive for Results, Passion for Innovation and last but not least: Consumer Obsession.
"Electrolux is all about what the consumer wants."

In Electrolux's new website, the user is the center; holding all the power of navigation through what we called 'responsive search'.

The Search can be refined through content filters, so the user only see what he/she is really interested in.

Since Electrolux needs to be on different markets globally, the modular design fits the content into any kind of language, text size and reading orientation.

The content display can be promoted and controlled through a CMS. 
Most popular items among users and Electrolux's promoted content.
That influences on the content display size and position on the website.

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